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  • ParentsParents are always part of the therapeutic team for their child.  It is policy that parents participate in the therapy sessions.  Each and every strategy by the therapist is witnessed by the parent so as to provide them with observation skills of their child’s growth and progress.  Quarterly there is a parent education seminar conducted by either Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Therapy in order to keep parents aware of current research and evidence-based practice.
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Below are topics and costs of current trainings offered in Santa Cruz County.  Call for more information

  • HAND JIVE:  A look at hand development and fine motor skills necessary for the classroom.  A discussion of activities to use in the classroom that will develop the student’s fine motor skills for handwriting. $562.50/2 hour presentation.

  • SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDERS:  A look at the sensory processing problems commonly associated with conditions such as autism, ADD, and learning disabilities. The Sensory diet techniques will be discussed in context of the classroom.   A new Sensory Toolkit has been developed for teachers that do circle time in their classrooms and need immediate tools for students who have difficulty attending. $562.50/2 hour presentation.

  • ORAL MOTOR/FEEDING:  A look at oral motor and oral sensory development and its affects on feeding and pre-speech.  Classroom suggestions will be discussed for feeding clients with oral motor dysfunction. $562.50/2 hour presentation.

  • SOCIAL/PLAY GROUPS:  Several theoretical approaches will be discussed:  Floor-time, integrated play groups and relationship based approaches. There will be general discussion on how to use these methods within the classroom or school environment. $562.50/2 hour presentation.
  • VISUAL-MOTOR  INTEGRATION IN THE CLASSROOM:  According to research, 90% of classroom learning is via the visual system.  This looks at affects of basic visual skills on classroom function. Concepts of eyesight to insight will be discussed as a framework for visual perception and its affects on learning.  $562.50/2 hour presentation.
  • ALERT Program: How does your Engine Run?   Simple classroom strategies to help children self regulate for learning and   social emotional skills. $562.50/2 hour presentation.

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